How to Prepare Your Apartment for Back-to-School

If you have kids, it’s time to prepare the family for back-to-school season. Toscana has two and three bedroom apartments that are fully equipped with amazing amenities that are sure to make this process easier. Here are a few things you can do to get your luxury apartment in Margate ready for the new school year.

#1 Make a designated study space.

Our spacious layouts are expansive enough to carve out a designated space for your child or teenager to study. Place a modestly sized desk in the guest room, the kid’s room, or even the living room so that books, pencils, paper, and maybe even a laptop, have a place to spread out during homework time. Add an organizer to hold extra writing utensils, a calculator, sticky notes, etc., as well as a desk lamp so that the area is ready for study sessions and projects.

#2 Organize closets.

Toscana has closets that provide the space needed to organize your kids’ wardrobe. Before you go shopping for this year’s school clothes, take a look at what is already in the closet. Which articles of clothing fit and which do you need to replace? Use these closet organizers to help make mornings easier for your kids to get ready.

#3 Make a lunch packing station.

Our kitchens are designed with residents’ needs in mind. With plenty of cabinet space, a pantry, and a side-by-side stainless-steel refrigerator, it’s easy to store the ingredients and snacks you’ll need to pack healthy lunches. Our Napoleon granite countertops provide the perfect prep space. Keep all lunchtime essentials together for easy access in the cabinets, pantry, and the fridge.

#4 Make a “mudroom.”

Leaving your luxury apartment home in the morning will become a less daunting task if you make a designated space near the front door for everything you need. Add some hooks on the wall to hang your coats, jackets, or even backpacks. Keep a selection of shoes in organizers underneath a bench so kids have a place to put their shoes on or take them off at the end of the day without tracking debris throughout the home.

Anyone can find the right fit for your lifestyle at Toscana. Schedule a visit to our apartments in Margate today!

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