Get Your Bedroom Winter Ready | Margate Apartments

Prepare your bedroom for winter at our Margate apartments. Use these helpful tips and tricks to make your home cozy and comfy at Toscana.

#1 Clear the cutter

Clutter is known to cause anxiety. Go through your bedroom and make a pile of items that you can donate, a pie of things that need to be thrown away, and a pile of seasonal items that need to be put away. Organize the remaining bedroom objects to maximize space and the flow of your bedroom.

#2 Deep clean

Now that your bedroom is organized and de-cluttered, it’s time to deep clean! This includes items and areas you rarely clean. Wash the curtains, sweep and/or vacuum under the bed, dust and polish wood furniture, etc.

#3 Freshen the mattress and pillows

In addition to washing your linens, clean your mattress. Vacuum, spot clean with diluted dish soap, and deodorize the mattress with some baking soda. Did you know you can clean your pillows in your washing machine? This will help reduce dust mites.

#4 Switch seasonal items

You may have warmer and heavier bedding designed for the winter months, as well as seasonal decorations. It’s time to bring all of that out and displayed in their proper places. This can include flannel sheets, a down comforter, or an electric blanket to make sure you are warm and cozy throughout the winter months.

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