Unique Storage Solutions for Your Margate Apartment

Residents of Toscana will want to show off the amazing amenities that can be found within each home. From the Napoleon granite counters to the ceramic tile flooring, these features are what makes our Margate apartments stand out. Here are a few storage tips that will keep your apartment home organized and looking great.

#1 Dish Organizer

Instead of stacking plates and lids in your kitchen cabinets, use this dish organizer for more efficient storage. Not only will your cabinets look more coordinated and organized, it will add more space. There will be more room for small appliances, pots, and pans to fit in the cabinets.

#2 Coffee Mug Rack

If you want to keep your kitchen counters clear, use this wall-mounted coffee mug rack to hang your mugs or other kitchen necessities. This 6-piece set includes three bars with four hooks to hang the mugs. The fourth bar is used to hang two baskets where you can store coffee and tea accessories like tea bags, sugar, and K-cups. This makes a convenient space where everything you need for a morning cup of caffeine in one place.

#3 Media Storage Bags

With the overwhelming popularity of streaming music and movies, you may not use DVDs or CDs very often. Instead of letting physical media take up unnecessary space, store your DVDs and CDs in these media storage bags. Unlike a cardboard box, this bag is clear so you can see what titles are being stored in the bag and you can easily find what you’re looking for. When not in use, simply pick it up by the handles and store the bag in a closet.

#4 Polder's Style & Store

It’s difficult to find a place to properly store curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers. The shapes can be odd (especially the hair dryers) and the heat that these styling products generate prevents you from putting them away immediately. The Polder’s Style & Store encases hot appliances in a silicone organizer to prevent damage to your countertops and gives your hair dryer a specific storage space.

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