Thanksgiving Crafts

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think about what DIY projects and crafts will make this time a little more special. Here are a few Thanksgiving crafts that will make your home at Toscana feel warm and inviting.

#1 Gratitude Board

This craft will get everyone into an attitude of gratitude. Make a simple gratitude board for family and friends to post notes about what they are thankful for. Take a piece of linen-covered foam core and frame it. Cut out leaf shapes from colorful construction paper. Family members can write down what they are grateful for on the leaves and affix them to the gratitude board with a push pin or glue.

#2 Thanksgiving Menu

Give an additional personal touch to your Thanksgiving meal by making menus. Guests will appreciate getting a sneak peak of your culinary masterpiece. Use stock paper in the color of your choice for the menu. Then, take a calligraphy pen or chalk-ink marker to list your dishes. If you don’t have the time to handwrite the menu, you can always find a font that you like and print the menu.

#3 Canning Jar Pumpkin

This craft is easy, quick, and lasts much longer than an actual pumpkin. You will need a collection of canning jar lids (about 20 lids). Bunch the lids together and create a “wreath” by tying them together with a length of string (see pictures here). Then, place 4 cinnamon sticks in the middle of your “pumpkin” to make its stem. Lastly, create a couple of leaves from construction paper, a piece of fabric, whatever you have on hand to place next to the canning jar pumpkin’s cinnamon stick stem. 

Enjoy living a life of luxury at our Margate apartments through every season. Schedule a visit to Toscana today!

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